Saturday, November 16, 2013

Are Water Pills Safe for Weight Loss?

Water pills, or diuretics as they are commonly called, are used to decrease bloating caused by excess water retention. While water pills help the body (roughly 64 percent water weight) eliminate excess liquids; they do not promote fat loss.


    The function of water pills is to help eliminate water. This, of course, results in weight loss. Liquids make up a large part of the human body's composition, and water pills aid in eliminating this seemingly extra weight through their ability to induce diuresis. This process results in a drug-induced increase in the production of urine.

Significance of Weight Loss

    Water pills may seem to aid in the weight loss process. However, the weight loss caused by water pills is only water weight, which is relatively insignificant and potentially dangerous to the individual seeking to drop a few pounds. While water pills are a great way to reduce excessive bloating, they are not a source of actual fat loss, which is what the goal of an individual seeking to lose real weight should be.


    The effects of excess water loss from the system are not only instant weight loss, but there may be unfavorable side effects. When there is insufficient water in the body, certain organs, such as the liver, cannot function properly. With the proper amount of water in the system the kidneys can do their job of filtering toxins; when the body is dehydrated (resulting from water pill use), the liver has to step in and aid the kidneys in this process and leave their primary function (metabolizing fats) to a secondary function. This can hinder weight loss efforts.


    The use of water pills for effective weight loss should be limited to occasional use. If your goal is to lose weight for the long term, water pills are not the best option. For quick bloating relief and to shed the appearance of 2 pounds quickly, the use of water pills is appropriate. However, keep in mind that as soon as a glass of water or other liquid is reintroduced into the system the weight will come right back.

Expert Insight

    Water pills are a great quick fix before a night out on the town, or when premenstrual syndrome leaves a woman bloated and uncomfortable. It is wise to rehydrate constantly since this will aid in a more permanent weight loss solution, sustainable fat loss. Remember that water weight elimination is not permanent and is mainly an unfavorable solution to a not so complicated problem. A sensible diet low in sodium will prevent bloating, and proper hydration will help the body eliminate fats and other toxins more effectively, therefore minimizing bloating in the first place.


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