Sunday, November 17, 2013

B6 Injections & Weight Loss

Proper nutritional balance is important to maintain when attempting to engage in healthy weight loss. Where your daily intake of necessary vitamins is otherwise deficient, supplementation through the use of pills and injections can help ensure that your body has what it requires to continue functioning at an optimal level. Although many dieters eschew vitamin supplementation in favor of commercial weight-loss supplements, injections of vitamin B6 might help you lose those few extra pounds a bit faster.


    Consult with your physician about the possibility of receiving B6 injections to supplement your current diet and exercise plan. Vitamin B6, otherwise known as Pyridoxine, is used by the body to maintain proper fluid balance and thyroid function, according to information from the pharmaceutical site Anazao Health. This means that B6 can help to normalize or upregulate an otherwise underactive thyroid along with helping your body to avoid retention of unwanted water weight, which can contribute significantly to your body weight and make you appear bloated.

    Thyroid upregulation will help to increase your metabolism, increasing the number of calories you burn throughout the day, both at rest and while training. B6 injections work best as a regular form of treatment, so discuss a treatment schedule with your doctor to determine how often you will need to come in for injection.

Use in Conjunction

    Remember that while B6 can help you shed water weight and burn some additional calories throughout the day, B6 injections are not a replacement or substitute for a regular plan of diet and exercise. To the contrary, B6 injections should only be used in conjunction with a diet and training plan -- helping you to lose weight just a bit faster than you would otherwise.

    Remember to continue exercising at least three or four days a week while on B6.

    Also make sure that your diet is filled with fresh, natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

    This will ensure that you teach your body new lifestyle habits, helping to keep the lost weight off even after discontinuing injections of vitamin B6.


    Note that B6 injections are not without some side effects and risks -- drowsiness, allergic reaction, decreased sensations, impaired coordination and numbness of the skin are all possibilities while taking B6.

    Additionally, be aware that B6 utilized in dosages greater than 200mg per day will require tapering off when treatment is discontinued, as the body will become reliant on the dosage.


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