Friday, November 29, 2013

Diet for Burning Belly Fat

Diet for Burning Belly Fat

When we overeat, or eat more calories than we burn, our bodies stores the extra food as fat. Extra fat, especially around the abdomen, means an increased risk of heart disease. This extra fat is stored energy that needs to be burned in order to gain that tight, flat tummy that so many people desire. With hard work and determination you can win the battle of the bulge and lose that midsection.

High protein diets


    The best diets to lose weight are those that are high in protein and low in carbs and fats. According to the Food Standards Agency, eggs are an excellent source of protein to help you lose belly fat. Eggs have often been seen as the bad guy because they have so much cholesterol. Eggs contain dietary cholesterol which has been shown not to increase the levels in your body. Eggs also contain a large amount of Vitamin B12, which has been proven to be a good supplement to increase weight lost. (See reference 3)

Low-fat dairy

    low-fat yogurt

    According to an article in Obesity Research, people who consumed low-fat dairy products lose 70 percent more fat than non-dairy eaters. The important thing to remember when choosing dairy is to make sure it is low-fat, reduced-fat or fat-free. Good choices are nonfat yogurt and low-fat milk eaten at least three times per day. Dairy products can also help strengthen your bones and prevent bone loss.


    whtie beans

    Beans could be called nature's perfect food. Beans are excellent sources of dietary fiber which allow you to eliminate toxins in your body. They are good sources of protein and are high in iron. To burn belly fat, eat white beans, lima beans, kidney beans and navy beans. Beans can be a great substitute for meats, which contain a lot of saturated fats. When choosing foods to lose belly fat, natural foods are the best choice.


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