Monday, November 11, 2013

The Best Weight-Loss Pills for Woman

The Best Weight-Loss Pills for Woman

Women can gain weight for a variety of reasons. Consuming more calories than you can burn will cause you to gain weight. Hormone changes in a woman's body can lower metabolism and cause those extra pounds to appear. Lack of exercise and poor diet choices are also common factors that contribute to weight problems. The extra pounds didn't appear overnight and chances are they won't dissolve as quickly. Weight-loss pills can assist women in their battle to rid themselves of the extra pounds. Women should talk to their doctors before taking diet pills.

Fat Binders

    Fat binders are pills you take before eating a meal. Fat-binding pills prevents your pancreas from processing a percentage of the fat you eat. Fat binders are the first weight-loss pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Alli brand of fat binder prevents 25 percent of your fat intake from being absorbed into your body. Proactol is another brand of fat binder. It binds 30 percent of fat and performs similarly to Alli. Alli users have reported side effects. Some of those are oily gas and incontinence. All fat binders are to be used while eating balanced low-fat diets. Fat binders could help you shed unwanted pounds just by taking the pills and changing what you eat.

Appetite Suppressants

    To prevent extra snacking some women might take an appetite suppressant. Most of the weight loss pills have a base ingredient called phenethylamine. Phenethylamine works by stimulating your nervous system. It sends "I'm not hungry" signals to your hunger transmitters bypassing the need to eat as much food. Appetite suppressants such as Hoodia and Fastin have been successful in helping some women lose weight. Women who complain about snacking too late or too much would benefit from an appetite suppressant. These weight-loss pills are stimulants, and some do have side effects. Sleeplessness and nervousness are just two of the side effects reported in women.

Fat Burners

    Fat burners work a little differently than an appetite suppressant or fat binder. Fat burners work to burn or reduce fat your body is storing. Fat burners also raise the metabolism by their individual formula, burning fat and boosting energy. Some popular fat burners have these main ingredients--ephedra, caffeine, HCA, ginseng and green tea. Taken in large doses some weight loss pills can be harmful to the heart or the liver. Women should be cautious about taking pills that make them feel overly nervous or make it difficult to breath. To be safe, the more natural fat-burning compounds that contain green tea or ginseng are probably best for women.


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