Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Drop 10 Pounds Fast

How to Drop 10 Pounds Fast

Everyone wants to lose weight, but sometimes its easier said than done. Losing weight may seem like a daunting, draining and complicated task. With a little bit of calculating, you can easily determine the measures necessary to help you lose those 10 pounds quickly, efficiently and safely. By maneuvering your diet and adding exercise into your day-to-day routine, in conjunction with a few other lifestyle changes, you will easily lose those pounds, plus many more if you continue with your new lifestyle.



    Cut calories. In her article on WebMD, registered dietitian Kathleen M. Zelman reveals that in order to lose weight quickly you must create a daily caloric deficiency of 500 calories. Part of this deficit can come from decreased caloric intake while the other part should come from increased physical activity. Zelman recommends eating 1,025 to 1,200 calories per day, but never dropping below that amount.


    Temporarily eliminate certain food groups. Simply reducing sodium and starch intake may result in a drastic extraneous bodily fluid loss of as many as five pounds. He recommends limiting these two water retention-promoting food groups by eating a diet with very few starches, added sugars and animal fats. Your diet should be full of foods such as fruits and vegetables, lean chicken breast and lean meats, fish, egg whites, and fat-free dairy.


    Place limitations on your eating. When you are trying to lose weight, establishing boundaries will help you maintain a high degree of discipline throughout the process. Leading weight loss expert, author, and television host Dr. Oz comprised a list he calls his 10 Weight-Loss Commandments as listed on his website. The list includes limitations such as not eating after 7:30 p.m. to prevent mindless TV eating. He also forbids grazing, which can be prevented by planning out all meals so that you don't find yourself rummaging through the pantry for random snacks at random times. These boundaries will help you lose those 10 pounds quickly.


    Exercise should create the other half of the 500-calorie deficiency you must create daily in order to lose weight. Performing one hour of exercise each day will help you create the deficiency needed to lose those 10 pounds quickly.


    Exercise when you're not formally exercising. Denise Austin, in an article in Good Housekeeping, stresses the importance of constant movement whenever possible as a means to losing those 10 pounds. She states that you can burn as many as 500 calories per day simply by performing constant movements in what she likes to call "fidgeting." Denise provides some examples of fidgeting such as pacing while taking on the phone, performing tummy tucks while sitting in a traffic jam, or doing easy at-home exercises while watching TV.


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