Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Fix a Bloated Stomach

How to Fix a Bloated Stomach

A bloated stomach can come from anywhere. Maybe you ate a food that does not agree with you, you might be a woman who is menstruating, or maybe you are experiencing a side effect of a medication. Bloating is a buildup of gasses in your abdominal area. Rid bloating by avoiding the foods that seem to cause it or by taking something to counteract it.



    Avoid the foods that bother you. If you find that you often suffer from stomach bloat after eating certain foods, then you could have an intolerance to that food. Common culprits are beer, gluten and milk. An easy way to learn what foods bother you is to keep a journal of everything you eat and write in it how you felt 10 minutes, 30 minutes and an hour after you ate it.


    Take a pill. Some vegetables cause uncomfortable bloating. You should not avoid vegetables, but when you know which ones bother you, take precautions prior to eating them like taking a gas pill. Some pills you can take before eating, others are effective afterward.


    Look for some menstrual relief. Many medications designed to help with cramping also can help with bloating.


    Get natural relief by putting two or three drops of natural peppermint oil in your bottle of water. Peppermint helps ease the stomach and release the pressure from bloating.


    Talk to your doctor. If you think a medication is causing your bloat, talk to your doctor about how uncomfortable it is making you and try to find an alternative.


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