Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Tone your Stomach

Who doesn't want a toned, firm, flat stomach? You don't have to starve yourself in order to get a toned stomach, and it doesn't take thousands of sit-ups, either. The key to getting the stomach you want is working out the abs just like you would any other muscle; using various exercises, and on a regular basis. You need to strengthen the abs in different ways; upper, lower, and obliques. Here is a way that you can get a toned stomach by doing just 100 sit-ups, 6 days a week.



    Complete 20 Regular sit-ups. Lie on your back and use your abs muscles to pull your shoulders up off of the floors, looking up at the ceiling with your feet flat on the floor. Use a slow, controlled motion and make sure not to strain your neck during the exercise.


    Do 30 Alternating bicycle crunches. In the same position, put your hands behind your head, elbows out. Lift your left elbow up and inwards toward your right knee, return to start position and repeat on the opposite side.


    Do 20 Side crunches;10 on each side. Lie on your side and bring the shoulder up and off of the ground, bringing your elbow inwards towards your hip. Repeat on the opposite side.


    Complete 30 Flutter kicks. Lie flat on your back and kick your legs, alternating legs (when one leg is up the other is down). A "flutter" of both legs counts as one count. Do this in a smooth and controlled motion, and you should feel the effect in your lower abs.


    Mind your diet. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding excess sodium will help you get a lean stomach. Drink plenty of water and eat enough fiber.


    Follow all of these steps, complete at least twice a week, combined with a regular cardio routine and you will have a toned stomach in no time!


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