Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diets for Heart Patients to Lose Weight Fast

Heart patients have a good reason to lose weight. A majority of men and women who suffer from heart disease are also overweight. Most physicians, preoperation and postoperation, suggest to their patients a weight loss and diet regimen. A lot of patients wish to lose the weight fast, and turn to fad diets to accomplish this feat, even against physicians' orders. Knowing the risks of fad diets, and learning the best way to control your diet, can help you lose weight and keep it off for life.

Fad Diets

    There are several diets out there that promise quick weight loss for those who want to take off a few extra pounds before or after a surgery. Popular diets include the low carb diet, where all high carbohydrate foods are cut out of daily consumption, and the Cabbage Soup Diet, where cabbage soup is the focus of every meal due to its supposed fat-burning qualities, along with other fruits and vegetables. Variations of these diets, as well as supplements and pills designed to cut weight fast are available on the internet and in 'health food' stores.

Fad Diet Issues

    Fad diets may take the weight off fast--many people have had temporary success with the low protein diet, for example--but keeping the weight off after the diet can be a difficult task. Once you have finished your rapid weight loss regime, unless you have a strong will, it is likely that you will return to previous eating habits. If you were overweight before, you may just put the weight back on.

    In studies performed at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a study promoted by the National Academy of Sciences, low protein diets were shown to be inherently dangerous, as excess protein in the blood can create plaque build up in the arteries. If you are a heart patient, that is the last thing you need. Other fad diets may not have these inherent dangers, but they do not promote healthy living.
    Most fad diets suggest the cutting out of certain foods altogether, instead of moderation. The lack of exercise promotion in most fad diets is also a cause of worry among most reputable physicians.

Losing Weight

    The best way to lose wight before or after heart surgery is by eating a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Cutting out high fat food, and those high in sugar content is the best weight to lose weight. If you drink around five regular sodas a day, you are adding an extra 600 to 700 calories to your diet. Cutting down on soda consumption can save you from excess fat. Adding a bit of regular exercise to your daily healthy habit can take weight off as well. Three days of cardiovascular exercise a week has been proven to lower weight in both men and women. Creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is key to losing weight and keeping it off.


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