Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Find Gluten Free Makeup

Some women with gluten sensitivity need to avoid gluten, not only in their food, but in their cosmetics. If you react to gluten in your food, you will react to it in your makeup as well. As a result, you may develop intestinal, skin or emotional symptoms, depending upon the severity of your gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, and may be included as an ingredient in many of your cosmetics.



    Visit the store where you normally buy your cosmetics and look for your preferred brand of regular makeup. Look for descriptions such as fermented grain extract, hydrolized wheat starch, hydrolized wheat gluten, amp-isostearoyl hydrolized wheat protein, wheat amino acids, triticum vulgare (wheat) gluten extract/water, wheat germ oil, wheat germ glycerides and vitamin E derived from wheat germ oil. Glutens can also be found in oat products, such as oat (avena sativa) bran, protein, flour and bran extract. Rye, millet and barley products in your cosmetics can also cause health issues.


    Look for cosmetics with gluten free ingredient lists at stores where you regularly shop. Brands to look for include Red Apple Lipstick, Pure SKN Cosmetics, Gluten Free Beauty and No Gluten Natural Girl.


    Visit a health food store. Aside from foods and natural ingredients, you may be able to find gluten free makeup. Some of the common makeup lines are Mad Hippie, Pink Quartz Minerals, Gabriel Color, OHA BioActive Organic Skin Care, Vapour Organic Beauty, Skin, 100% Pure and The Answer for Skin.


    Read the ingredient lists of gluten free makeup you may purchase to ensure it is truly gluten-free. As you read the ingredients, you may notice wording such as vitamin E, which is usually made from wheat products. Gluten free makeup with vitamin E, on the other hand, uses a tocopherol-based vitamin E made from organic olive oil or organic cotton seed.


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