Friday, May 30, 2014

Fast Weight Loss With Juice

To lose weight fast, juicing is a great option. Fresh juice provides the needed vitamins and minerals to keep your body working well and supported. Purchasing the right juicer will make the switch to a temporary juice fast or adding daily juices to your diet much easier. Juicing both fruits and vegetables keeps a diet balanced. Trying different combinations keeps a diet from getting boring.

Make a Plan

    Knowing why you want to start juicing before you start helps keep you focused and dedicated. Write down your goals and post them somewhere you can easily read it. Being able to see what you have committed to will help on the days when it gets tough. Decide if a complete juice fast is in order or if just adding juicing to your diet is sufficient for you. A juice fast helps the body detoxify and lose weight much quicker than simply adding juicing to a diet.

Purchase for Life

    Compare juicers by reading reviews and checking warranties. Avoid purchasing the cheapest juicer you find. Commit to adding juicing to your lifestyle and watch the pounds melt away both quickly and for good. Changing your diet long-term is the best and most efficient way to see pounds melt away. Find a juicer that allows you to juice whole without removing parts of the fruit or vegetable. Benefits abound in the skins and seeds.

Balance It Out

    Fast weight loss from juicing happens for those who commit to a regimen. Make sure to add both fruits and vegetables to your juice diet. Find out which vegetables you like. Carrots and beets provide wonderful sweetness to a drink that might otherwise be bitter or bland. Try kale and celery for super benefits not found in many other vegetables. Fruits remain the easiest and tastiest option. Be sure to remove the rinds of citrus fruits before juicing.

Change It Up

    Try combining any variety of fruits and vegetables and see what you come up with. Try to do small batches at first when experimenting to avoid wasting money and time. Blend a banana in a blender and add it to a drink for a change. Bananas do not juice and clog juicers or cause them to break.

Expect Results

    Anticipate great results from juicing, but especially from juice fasting. As many as 3 or 4 pounds per day might drop in the first week if a strict juice only diet is followed. Expect an average of 1 pound a day of weight loss as the body's levels normalize. Results vary dependent on the person and his level of health at the beginning of the fast. Commonly, a person loses 20 to 30 pounds when completing a 21-to-30-day juice fast. For adding juice only to a diet (not a complete fast), expect 1 pound a week initially with less weight dropping after the second week.


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