Thursday, June 5, 2014

Benefits of an Oatmeal Diet

Benefits of an Oatmeal Diet

Oatmeal is a natural grain that has been used mainly for its nutritional value and in recipes. The oatmeal diet uses oatmeal as its main ingredient to help keep the body powered by its nutrients and by providing a natural source of fiber in a daily diet. Oatmeal combined with fruit and other low fat foods help to contribute toward a healthy way to lose weight and provide energy. The diet plan is fairly simple and involves incorporating some form of oatmeal into every meal.

Weight Loss

    One of the main benefits of the oatmeal diet is weight loss. If the diet is followed properly, one can expect to lose up to 10 pounds in one month. There are two types of this diet. The first is a more drastic version and involves eating oatmeal during every meal---including snacks. Low fat fruits can be implemented to provide variation. For other variations of the diet, oatmeal can be eaten for breakfast followed by a low fat lunch and dinner option of vegetables and lean meats. Oatmeal snacks, whether homemade or store brought, can be eaten as a healthy snack choice.


    One of the greatest benefits of the oatmeal diet is the convenience. In stores, brands such as Quaker and Kashi offer instant oatmeal and snacks that can be prepared easily or instantly. Many of these are portable, meaning they can be brought to and from work or while someone is on the go. Oatmeal also has a long shelf life---up to a year if stored properly, so this provides a cost savings to those who buy in bulk.


    Oatmeal is found in many recipes. One of the most basic recipes to make for this diet is a hot oatmeal breakfast. The oats can be boiled or microwaved and low fat milk can be added to create a cereal. Oatmeal cookies and bread made with egg whites and applesauce are also a healthy alternative to the traditional cookie. Unsalted walnuts and dates can be added for variation and sweetness. Oatmeal can also be used as a crumble when mixed with nuts and then added to yogurt and fruit parfaits.


    One of the best things about the oatmeal diet is the variety. There is everything from instant quick oats, old fashioned oats, whole oats and instant oatmeal. The instant oatmeal varieties provide the same nutritional values as all natural in most cases. There is flavored oatmeal available that contains additional sugar and dried fruit. There are also oatmeal granola bars, breakfast bars and breakfast cookies available.

Health Benefits

    The main health benefits of the oatmeal diet is that it can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. According to Quaker Oats Incorporated, the 3 grams of fiber contained in each daily serving of oatmeal reduces ones risk of developing heart disease by up to 40 percent. Natural oatmeal also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Oatmeal has also been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, improve arterial wall structure and reduce hypertension.


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