Sunday, July 27, 2014

Liquid Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Although it was conceived decades ago, the liquid diet has seen a resurgence in popularity owing to its simplicity and effectiveness in stimulating weight loss. Liquid diets are ideal for dieters who are either uneducated in proper nutritional strategy or too busy to prepare regular healthy meals on their own. When used properly, liquid diets can have a dramatic effect on body composition. One of the most effective liquid diets on the market for rapid weight loss is the Velocity Diet.

About the Velocity Diet

    Invented by Chris Shugart, the Velocity Diet was originally created out of desperation. Shugart spent years modifying his own eating habits, yet remained unable to lose those last few pounds. After going on a protein-shake fast for 28 days, he accomplished his goal, and the Velocity Diet (V-Diet) was born. Since its initial incarnation, the V-Diet has gone through several changes in methodology, and is now in its third iteration. The V-Diet 3.0 combines liquid nutrition with weekly solid meals to help you lose weight while shedding poor eating habits.

Following the V-Diet

    Most liquid diets (and most solid diets, in fact) are harsh deprivation diets where you are asked to subsist on meager amounts of limited foods for prolonged periods. Not so with the V-Diet. On non-training days, the V-Diet allows the dieter five liquid meals. On training days, that number is bumped up to six. Daily caloric consumption for a 200-pound man is in the range of 1,600 to 2,000 calories, making the V-Diet an exercise in moderation instead of torture by deprivation. The V-Diet also prescribes fiber supplementation along with doses of healthy fats in the form of oils, which helps meet the body's nutritional needs. Additionally, one healthy solid meal (HSM) is scheduled weekly. Shugart claims that over the course of the diet, your food tastes will actually be permanently altered, leaving you better prepared to carry on eating healthily after the diet has ended. Average reported weight loss for those on the V-Diet is between 10 to 25 pounds in one month, making this a good alternative to either jumpstart your weight loss efforts or complete your journey toward leanness.


    Of course, one must remember that liquid diets are not permanent solutions. Liquid diets are often harsh on the body, as man-made nutrition never compares with that found in nature. Thus, choosing to undergo the V-Diet must be seen as the first step toward healthy living, not a fully encapsulated solution in itself. To that end, it is vital to pay special consideration to educating yourself about nutrition and tuning your HSMs so you are prepared to be self-sufficient and able to control your weight upon coming off the V-Diet. But for those who are prepared to take control of their weight issues, the V-Diet can certainly be the first step in the right direction.


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