Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weight Loss & Blood Type

There are four blood types found in people; O, A, B and AB. Each blood type is prone to certain diseases and will react to exercise and food differently. The blood type diet was built off the premise that foods based on a person's blood type will help him lose weight and increase overall health.


    Dr. Peter Ddamo created the blood type diet, which is outlined in his book "Eat 4 Your Blood Type." His claim is that proteins in the diet process differently based on the blood type present. Proteins that are not compatible with the blood type will react and create additional blood cells that affect the body's function.

Diet Basis

    A person with an O blood type is categorized from ancient times as a Hunter, making him a meat eater. This type of person is generally active and needs to maintain muscle tone. An A blood type person is a cultivator who grew crops in ancient times and has a vegetarian diet profile. The A type of person lived off the land with limited meat. A person with a B blood type originated from the Nomads and is a balanced omnivore. The B type person in ancient times was associated with raising livestock, but limited the amount of meat eaten. The AB blood type is an Engima, eating a mixed diet of foods in moderation. An AB diet is a mixture of blood types A and B.

Foods Allowed

    Type O diet foods consist of eating fish, lean meats, fruits and vegetables with limited grains, legumes, and beans. The type A person eats a vegetarian diet of fruits and vegetables along with seafood, grains, and legumes. A type B diet consists of lean red meat, dairy, grains and legumes. The type AB diet is a mixture of A and B types. Foods eaten by an AB type are non-red meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes.

Foods to Avoid or Limit

    A type O diet should be heavy on meat with fruits and vegetables limited. Vegetables high in starch and gas producing are avoided with the type O diet. Dairy and starchy beans are not listed for the type A. Type B diet foods do not include starchy grains and vegetables along with chicken. Red meats and starchy beans and vegetables are avoided with the AB diet.

Pros and Cons

    The blood type diet is helpful for people who do not want to count calories. The diet consists of eating the correct foods in moderation without having to journal all foods eaten. The foods listed for each type are healthy and nutrient rich, without the fear of eating empty calorie junk foods. The diet is easy and requires only the purchase of a book and normal foods. There are no special diet foods or weekly fees associated with it. The negative on the diet is that there is no scientific testing or proof that the diet works for all people.


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